Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloggy Intro

Hello, dear reader. I introduce myself tonight and enter the cyber world of the self-published at risk of becoming one more narcissistic voice crying in the wilderness. But how fun to have a medium for expressing the passions of life and art.

I have had the pleasure of the company of my eldest daughter, Lauryl, for the past week. She came to share my domicile and help me prepare for the Tulsa Wedding Show 08-09-2009. For this, my first "trade show", we started with a color scheme that was inspired by a gorgeous Indian silk sari in shades of pale aqua-green, orange and metallic gold, contributed by my dear mother.


From there we began designing a tablescape with taffeta and silk linens, florals in shades of orange (zinnias, tulips and roses) and glitzy vases at various heights. We rounded it out with hand-painted Springerle cookie favor/placecards that mimicked the flowers and an invitation suite in coordinating colors and ribbon trim. Pretty, if I do say so myself, and I do.


But most of all, such fun to talk with all the lovely brides from the very youthful to the more mature but nonetheless radiant ones. Third daughter, Olivia, also helped us with set-up along with her fiancee and his sibs. She plied us with delicious repasts whilst we slaved away being ever-so-creative (doing much grunt work in preparation which is rarely ever creative!).



Many thanks to Vicki Taylor and her family for their marvelous coordination of this event. Vicki is truly one of the most gracious and encouraging people you'll ever meet which, no doubt, is just one of the reasons that this has been an event met with ever increasing success. These are merely iphone photos so please excuse the quality. Professional shots will be posted in several days.


{lauryl} said...

I get to be your first comment! Hurrah! I so enjoyed visiting with you and helping you with the show, can't wait to see what else you'll have to share in the days to come...

Amber said...

I simply adore the color scheme you used for the Tulsa Wedding Show! So vibrant and still very feminine.

All your work is so lovely, I can't wait to see what you'll post next!

Amber G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria ~
Thank you so much for your gracious words about me and the Show! I was honored to have you be a part of the Show and LOVED your beautiful booth. I think these photos are great so now I can't wait to see others. Please keep them as I would love to be able to use them sometime as an example of the right way to set up a booth.
I really enjoyed your phrasing on beginning to blog. I, too, have begun the narcissistic journey and still find it strange but enjoyable. It's hard to write something to people you don't know, isn't it? And congratulations on your mastery of the technology. I'm not there yet - you are an inspiration!
Vicki Taylor
Tulsa Wedding Show

Anonymous said...

I love the blue on orange on red color scheme, and the table lamp adds soo much. This is a lovely table setting, it creative and elegant.