Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Tulsa Wedding Show

The Calligraphos, Ink booth at The Tulsa Wedding Show was located right next to The Oklahoma Photo Booth. I could not resist bopping inside with Lauryl to ham it up a bit just as the last guests were leaving the show and the venders began breaking things down. We were pretty goofy by that time as can be attested to by the pics! Note us comparing our looong tongues (I cannot imagine where she got hers!).

Lauryl has recently posted her photos of and remarks about the Calligraphos, Ink booth at the show. Since the only shots of it that I've posted thus far were taken on my iphone, I thought you readers would enjoy seeing Lauryl's blog.


Brenda Walton said...

How beautiful!!! I am in awe of your talents, my Darling. xoxoxoB

Anna said...

Victoria! How amazing! Your writing is stunning. Look forward to reading your Lessons and seeing what letters I can bring to life:)