Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rustic Eco-Chic Suite

Here is the entire suite that I did for a rustic eco-chic photoshoot!

Invitation and calligraphy by Victoria Hoke Lane.




Place card.


Outer envelope, inner "folder," invitation.

Place card.

Place card.

Place cards.

Place card.

Floral design & styling by Lauryl Lane.  Photographs by Esther Summerville Ramsey.


Elie's Papel said...

love all these images... and they are so cute and look great together!

Lindsey said...

Wow, these are all beautiful and impressive - thanks for sharing - you're so talented! (I found your blog through Tara... I also do calligraphy, and really love all the creative ideas I'm seeing here!)

Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful!!! have a great week!!!

Brenda Walton said...

So gorgeous, Darling! You are such a pro, and I feel so happy when I see your graceful work. xoxo Love, Brenda

Donna Ham said...

These are so beautiful. You are incredibly talented.

Anonymous said...

Dear Victoria,
I have just come across you blog after seeing a post on 'green wedding shoes' about your daughter Olivia's recent wedding. Your work is beautiful and I would like to follow your blog although it appears you don't post frequently. I hope that you will get lots of new visitors and pick your 'blogging pen', as it were, back up!

kbezona said...

I saw your daughter Olivia's recent wedding invitations by "green wedding shoes" too, and Ive fallen in love with your work. I LOVE calligraphy and I hope, someday, make my own calligraphic wedding invitations too! ^^

Mellie - Stoff Papier Farbe said...

Hi Victoria,
I stumbled over your blog via your comment on 'A creative mint'.
I will definitely have a deeper look into your lovely work, since I will start calligraphy shortly. I always loved it and now I will take my first course.
Greetings from Germany